Age One Dental Visit

h-pediatric4.jpgDental caries are the most common chronic disease of children. Nearly 50% of all children will have at least one cavity by the age of 5, and it is five times more common than asthma. Each year, millions of hours are lost at school and work as a result of dental caries, and millions of dollars are spent on fixing kids’ teeth. Treatment sometimes requires hospitalization and even general anesthesia.

This disease can be PREVENTED! How?

By establishing a DENTAL HOME for your child at the age of 1! Establishing a "dental home" means that your child's oral health care is delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way by a licensed dentist. The dental home enhances the dental professional's ability to assist children and their parents in the quest for optimum oral health care, beginning with the age 1 dental visit for successful preventive care and treatment as part of an overall oral health care foundation.

Research increasingly shows that children who visit the dentist early in life (before their 1st birthday) are more likely to return for regular cleanings and less likely to return for fillings. If the right preventive program is established for your child, then he/she can be a cavity-free child.

Knee-to-Knee Exam

View the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's video of the Age 1 dental visit here: